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Drupal Internal Server Error Godaddy


And the representative had assured me that Godaddy is modifying the Drupal7 installer so that a fresh Drupal7 install will work for the admin. The funny thing was though that it slowly deteriorated with 500 internal server errors. The frontpage was displayed correctly, but all the internal pages gave me the pesky "500 Internal Server Error". Make sure you are using php5. http://thewebparrots.com/internal-server/drupal-godaddy-internal-server-error.php

I've trying to fix a problem with my Drupal 7.15 with Access to blocks and modules. If you don’t know what it is, go to your admin hosting, click on the MySQL menu item below the Hosting tab. Log in or register to post comments Error logs manasiv commented February 21, 2015 at 12:35am Did you check in the web server logs for any Apache or php errors? I also have another drupal install on the same server, and the same thing is happening.

500 Internal Server Error Godaddy

Install From Dev Server – “Can Not Connect to Database” You have a pre-configured site that’s been uploaded. The only difference between the dev and production site is the data in the DB. HELL YEAH!! I can't even get the install.php process to run past the DB settings page.

I am a bit nervous about this and don't want to lose any prod data. yes... This is a community site intended for use by those in this region (computer user group). Drupal Internal Server Error After Migration I've triyed with: 1.- Rename htacces to phtacces 2.- Changing codes into web.config 3.- Changing codes in index.php And don't works.

lots of 500 Internal Server Errors. 500 Internal Server Error Godaddy Wordpress Log in or register to post comments Clear Cache clears 500 Errors sometimes (Drupal 7.x) adriancotter commented June 22, 2011 at 2:45am I just had this problem when upgrading modules in Is the only effective way to run a Drupal install is through a VPS type account? https://www.drupal.org/node/569402 Alter the mode to off by replacing "On" with "Off." Tags: Drupal 500 internal server error Drupal Development Software Development Africa Software development Cameroon PHP Add new comment Your name E-mail

RewriteEngine on # If your site can be accessed both with and without the 'www.' prefix, you # can use one of the following settings to redirect users to your preferred Joomla Internal Server Error Links: front page me on twitter search privacy java java applets java faqs misc content java source code test projects lejos Perl perl faqs programs perl recipes perl tutorials   Unix Working with Error Logs Was dit artikel nuttig?JaNeeBedankt voor je feedbackFijn dat we konden helpen! Okay....

500 Internal Server Error Godaddy Wordpress

Both the sites were working fine for many months now and this 500 error has been happening since last 3 days only. y'all are just the greatest community! 500 Internal Server Error Godaddy Secondly, is there an optimal way to use uRL aliases? Internal Server Error On Godaddy Hosting I've setup the PERFORMANCE section of Drupal to optimize things as much as I can, and there are minimal people on the site at the time these errors occur.

Repair the file or leave it disabled. http://thewebparrots.com/internal-server/drupal-ovh-internal-server-error.php Mark HannaMy [email protected] Log in or register to post comments It ends up that it was Clean URLs, But why? How do I debug an emoticon-based URL? It says if there is a directive in the .htaccess file that it doesn't like, if redirection has got stuck in a loop, or whatever. Drupal Internal Server Error Htaccess

php_value magic_quotes_gpc 0 php_value register_globals 0 php_value session.auto_start 0 php_value mbstring.http_input pass php_value mbstring.http_output pass php_value mbstring.encoding_translation 0 # Requires mod_expires to be enabled. # Enable expirations. Homepage Comment * More information about text formats Text format Filtered HTMLPlain text Filtered HTMLWeb page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Allowed HTML tags:

I hope these notes on Drupal, GoDaddy's 4GH hosting service, ultimate hosting plan, and 500 internal server errors has been helpful. More about the author You should find this setting near the bottom of your Drupal .htaccess file, and all you have to do is remove the comment tag '#' before that line to enable this

When I deleted the URL aliases, the 500 error went away. Php Internal Server Error It started when I installed a incompatible menu module and it deleted all my menu entries in one of the menu tables. I'm no programmer so my VPS configs could have been off, but running "top" through SSH showed the MYSQL database to be taking up most of the memory.

So, the site seems to work just fine until I import the old database to the new host.

In case you deleted the tmp folder because saw no use, remember to not touch it and if you removed it you must add a tmp folder to the root folder. Log in or register to post comments Same thing happened to me and mattwmc commented November 20, 2011 at 1:14am Same thing happened to me and they disabled Fast CGI, as uncommenting the "RewriteBase /" worked for me to. Drupal 500 Internal Server Error I've been going through all possible .htaccess fixes and made sure all the file permission are as intended, but no go.

How do I go about chasing this down to find out the root cause? Solid VPS providers that I've used and can recommend first-hand:  Managed VPS Providers  ||  Unmanaged VPS Providers Log in or register to post comments Advertising helps build a successful ecosystem around Drupal. Let's start "playing" with our websites and don't waste time with this kind of problems. http://thewebparrots.com/internal-server/drupal-internal-server-error-drupal-7.php Quite often and others aren't supported, which Drupal's .htaccess uses. –Clive♦ Apr 8 '14 at 10:28 1 Check you error logs..

I should have looked on drupal.org sooner! Then again, exactly what it is I am doing varies quite a bit too! Last updated: June 3 2016 As a quick note here today, I just switched some of my domains to fall under a GoDaddy "ultimate hosting" plan, where you pay for one shared Think I'll copy the site and install it on my VPS to see if it works there under a different domain.

It let me log in with the site admin account, but anything I clicked on would result in a white screen of death with the very uninformative massage about the 500 Cheers. It was very helpful for me. life without these forums might be impossibly tricky!

I'll be happy if it saves you all the time I just spent trying to fix this problem on my own GoDaddy/Drupal website. In my case, the permissions were wrong and produce an error like this in the error log: [Fri Dec 09 22:00:49 2011] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:431: Mismatch between target Anyway, for those who are trying to get GoDaddy host to work with Drupal, another thread.... (tried using [#922828] but the link doesn't convert, so .... Drupal 7 ...

Which part of htaccess is related to apache content negotiation? Change the 3 bottom ones that say FastCGI by clicking on the edit icon and selecting the same runs under without the FastCGI. Here are the variations of the suggestions I tried in this section: # pkb-110819 - uncommented rewitebase and altered to refer to subdir on server # - longshot on clearing up I still searching the solution, but I don't have any idea of php...

Another suggestion was a custom php.ini file. i too am running a drupal site out of a subdirectory before it goes live on another server, and that advice finally made the homepage come back online without the 500 The menu table seems to be fine right now. Log in or register to post comments Still having similar problems zap-admin commented November 17, 2011 at 7:27pm Just wanted to take a second to bash GoDaddy again.