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Contact modem manufacturer or OEM If the problem still remains unresolved, please contact your modem manufacturer.NetZero Home | My NetZero | Help | My Account | Corporate | Join NowAbout NetZero|About Close all programs. Click on the More Info button.If your modem is configured correctly, it should display port information. When a message is received, the service informs you of a stored message by beeping the dial tone when picking up the line.

Have the customer take out the password and try to connect without it; if they aren't prompted for password delete TCP/IP and reinstall. The first could be that the number is actually busy. Uncheck ‘Use Default Gateway on remote server’. Is it a Laptop? visit

Vpn Error Codes

If modem is not attached to the port go to step 7 or continue with steps 4. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the modem anyways. 7. More info on error 630 can be found at: http://www.deja.com/[ST_rn=qs]/qs.xp?QRY=microsoft+error+630&OP=dnquery.xp&ST=QS&DBS=2 and at: http://members.tripod.com/paltech/error630.htm and at: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q190/5/54.asp This page was last modified on Saturday, 05-Feb-2011 15:11:54 EST. Try to power down the computer, and then power it up and try connecting again.If the issue persists, the you should try uninstalling and re-installing all modem drivers and software.

Including browser, dialer. 2. You may also want to see if the customer needs to dial a prefix to get an outside line. * Dial-Up Networking: Error 691 or 718 The computer you are dialing For this, you will require the correct drivers/software for your modem before you begin. Cannot Load Script Information Error 615 The Specified Port Was Not Found For Windows XP/2000 go to Control Panel, Phones & Modems, click on Modem Tab, Properties, Advance, Diagnostics, Query modem.

For instructions click here. 4 Check the Dial Tone This error can occur if you have a phone service that utilizes distinctive dial tones. Failed To Dial Up Error 0 Click on the server type tab and click on the TCP/IP settings button. With MS Outlook98 and WinFax Starter Edition - See MS KB Article 183944 Windows 98 & Me - with Toshiba Satellite Computer and CardBus PC Card - see MS KB Article Or setting up your email?

Was this article helpful to you? Cisco Vpn Error Codes Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings and select Control Panel.Double-click the Modems icon.Select your modem from the list and click Remove.Click Close.To reinstall your modem:Shut down and restart your If you don't receive a response it may be necessary to remove and reinstall the modem. You may not have the correct drivers installed for it.

Failed To Dial Up Error 0

Check for any fax software or any other software that might be trying to use the modem. http://modemsite.com/56k/duns630.asp Double check that the number they are dialing is the correct one for their area. Vpn Error Codes Windows 98 - This error message can occur if the modem is using a new serial port assignment due to new devices installed by Windows 98 hardware detection. Computer Error Codes Troubleshooting Article ID: Q188189 Error172: (no server assigned) the request is not seen on the network.

Go to your Control Panel, Click on System, Device manager. Attempt to connect. 2 Verify that Correct Modem is Selected Make sure correct modem is selected in the Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connection. Doing a Ctrl, Alt, Delete and ending task on everything except Explorer and Systray should release the modem too. * Dial-Up Networking: Error 629 You have been disconnected from the computer Article ID: Q190554 Article ID: Q189388 Article ID: Q191444 Error633: The modem is not installed or configured for Dial-Up Networking. Failed To Dial Up Error 1

This can happen for a number of reasons: The modem is physically damaged The modem is not loaded with the correct drivers The modem is being used by another program The If you have a technical or account issue that needs immediate attention, please

Home Copyright © EarthLink, Inc. Programs in the StartUp folder can also cause this error message. Mason, MI 48854 USA.

Double-click the connection to try again. Error 647 The Account Is Disabled Error680: No Dial Tone. In these cases, change the properties of the Dial-Up Networking connection to use the new modem settings.

Check the portmaster they are dialing or try dialing the access number yourself.

See Microsoft KB Article Q184086 Windows 98 - can occur if 'SupportSerialKey devices' accessibility option is configured to use the same COM port as the modem. For Windows 95/98/ME check if the dialer can dial a number. Click Apply, OK, Restart. Error 615 Windows 10 Error 602: The modem is being used by another Dial-up Networking connection.

There are several reasons why a customer could receive this error message. Lower the fifo buffers. No - Let us know how we can improve Yes - thanks! Clear the messages and try connecting again.C.

Control Panel, modem/ phones & modems, How many modem do you see? See Microsoft KB Article Q227995. Re-install Dial-Up Networking. NOTE: This form is for feedback only to help us improve our support site.

From Talia S. 2016-03-14 Plus 1.5Mbps 4 DSL EXTREME ON TWITTER @wasi_r @DSL Extreme Thanks for the awesome service. Verify modem connections B. Verify you have the working modem selected for worldline.ca: Find the worldline.ca icon Win95 - ME: My computer -> Dial-Up NetworkingWin2000+: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network Connections Once All rights reserved.

FOR DSL EXTREME CUSTOMERS: LOGIN REQUIRED START PAGE START PAGE MEMBERS MEMBERS WEBMAIL WEBMAIL HOME Go to our Knowledge Base directly Send an Email to a Representative Sales&Information Have some pre-sales questions about our packages or features? Make sure the modem is installed with and using the correct .inf file - examine modemlog to see if there is any modem response. Double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon.

Home Getting Started New to EarthLink Forgot Your Password Password Help Download Center Billing Questions How to read your invoice How to make a credit card payment online How close Registered users - sign in Email Address : Example: your_address @peoplepc.com Password: close Please log in with your PeoplePC email address and password.This helps us provide the best information possible, close Sorry, there is a problem with this account, One moment while we direct you to a Live Agent. You may need to look in the start menu programs to see what is being loaded on startup; and close anything that might be holding the modem open.

You will also want to verify that both Dial Up Adapter and TCP/IP are installed in the network control panel. If the modem has never worked, double-check installation, and if possible, try the modem in another system. The modem detects this as no dial tone or a failed response.