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For this study, and in general for optical media, it is the length of time before the level of correctable errors is such that the onset of uncorrectable errors is imminent. POF = Parity Outer Failure, it means that the correction can´t correct Errors (Hope I´m right) Benq DW 1640, LG GH-20N, Pioneer BDR-208Crucial M4, Sandisk SSD, Plextor M5S, Sandisk Ultra Plus, This disc shows signs of a bad dye spread or dye melting. In most cases, this is a guaranteed bad burn, and will be entirely unreadable near the middle of the disc. Here is some data from the ECMA standards (same for DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW): Random errors: A row of an ECC Block that has at least 1 byte in error constitutes http://thewebparrots.com/dvd-error/dvd-error-correction-mac.php

E32 means that there were three or more bad symbols in one block at the C2 stage, and therefore this error in not correctable. Benq DW 1640, LG GH-20N, Pioneer BDR-208Crucial M4, Sandisk SSD, Plextor M5S, Sandisk Ultra Plus, OCZ Petrol 256GBcuScour Scour CD-RW Player Posts: 1904Joined: Wed Nov 07, 2001 8:00 pmLocation: Germany However, it is possible that the amount of damaged data is so large that it can't be corrected any more. Last note: Alternatively, you can also use the "Disc Quality" tab instead of the "ScanDisc" tab. http://www.itl.nist.gov/iad/894.05/loc/definitions.html

I do know that re-recordable DVDs and DVD-RAMs can show degradation effects within half a year or even less, but they are produced differently than DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs and shouldn't be Do not try to use the computer while the test is running. The length of the defect is equal to or less than 10.64 Fm. [0018] According to table 1, when NA=0.85 and t=0.1 mm, the diameter of a beam spot incident upon

Not so sure about the NEC that dips could very well be possible because of stuff running in the background So if there's a change that you had stuff running in duckdown Newbie Forum 4 06-09-2005 19:40 Why so much difference in PI/PO scans with the same drives and media Daviskw Plextor Writer 6 16-08-2005 15:04 Can I use my Benq1620 to best regards, Halc Halc CD-RW Player Posts: 599Joined: Mon Feb 04, 2002 9:13 am Top by grouch on Mon Sep 12, 2005 11:11 am ok, i've taken a Fujifilm DVD+R, LIVRAISON GRATUITE En stock Ajouter au panier shoxxy EUR 23,78 + EUR 8,00 (livraison) En stock Ajouter au panier 21 neufs à partir de EUR 22,88 Vous l'avez déjà ?

What we do not know is immense. I retried the burn at 2.4X and ended up with a scan of PI max 7, 0.33 avg, 3125 total, PO max 2, 0.00 avg, 187 total. On DVD+R, data can be written to once and read many times. And I use the default windows drivers.

Battleman13 Blank Media 2 20-05-2006 03:46 Noob to DVD scans (PI/PO, etc.) please advise.. analyzing the results?? If this article is helpful, please share it with others, using these links: Javascript seems to be disabled; Google +1, Facebook, and Twitter are blocked. And if you've found our Comment buried.

PI at max 8 and PO at max 4 is far from the 280 PI max and 32 PO max that we recommend as the max values. Attached Images 09-06-2004 #20 lbeck New on Forum Join Date: Jun 2004 Posts: 8 Re: Interpreting PI/PO error scans I love this technical stuff with the graphs You do have to be a supporter of freedom of speech to protest when the government tries to censor the speech of those who are goring your ox." -Alan M. The optical disk of claim 2, wherein the plurality of f-byte outer parities are interleaved in the outer parity direction. 4.

Burn quality problems are almost always the fault of the media itself or the burner/firmware being used. Visit the disc manufacturer Web site to get a listing of authorized distributors. If a visual flaw is found, acquiring better media and re-burning the contents to a new disc is suggested. The recording apparatus of claim 5, wherein the error correction block structure further comprises an e-byte inner parity adjacent to the corresponding inner parity segments in a row direction forming a

I've been making ALOT of Kprobe scans, and some graphs leave me in doubt as to the quality of the discs. Within a PIF row, those erroneous bytes not corrected in the first stage become POE bytes, up to 〜180 in number, to be corrected in the second stage. The time now is 18:44. But if the result exceeds 32 PI uncorrectable errors we know that at least one block have more than 4 PI uncorrectable errors.

Most drives report PIF in number of rows. Choose the test type you want, and click "Start". 6) If you're doing a "Read Test", then every block in the display should be green. VAT) per 100 Pack Our Price:24.98 (ex.

Group: A collection of specimens that are aged under the same accelerated aging condition.

We do not know what they are reporting, but there does not appear to be any predictable relashionship between what gets reported on a ROM drive and what gets reported on This may be due to my discs being intact - since a POF is an uncorrigible error, they are supposed to be missing. New user, signup here! Personally, I'd recommend ripping them to disk as a back up and as something to compare the files against if they start to succumb to bit rot.

In the present invention, such an error correction method is referred to as Reed-Solomon multiple way PI or PO product code (RS-MWPC). [0062] After PI/PO encoding, a burst error in the In the present invention, such an error correction method is referred to as Reed-Solomon multiple way PI or PO product code (RS-MWPC). [0066] After PI/PO encoding, a burst error in the Note that this is a basic description: First, dye is poured onto the molded plastic (polycarbonate) bottom of a disc, and then spun at high speed to spread the dye evenly The reason why 12 rows including PO+PI parities can be reorganized into 16 rows is that the result of multiplication of 4 (x), which is the number of PI direction segments,

To achieve this, 720 bytes (688+32) in the first PO+PI parity row is multiplied by ¾, and then, 540 bytes become the first new PO+PI parity row, and the remaining 720-540=180 A format of DVD which uses dye sublimation recording technology, and conforms with ISO/IEC DIS 23912: Information technology - 80 mm (1.46 Gbytes per side) and 120 mm (4.70 Gbytes per A bad or potentially problematic disc will have dips. It's "sputtered" on, at a microscopic thickness!

You can't chat with this user because you have blocked him. Juni 2008Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Error correction method for high density discUS7401285 *14. Another point is that PIE numbers given by some drives include PIF. Your shopping cart Your cart is empty Add-ons/Accessories RIVER Single Black DVD Case Matt PREMIUM 1.35per10 Pack also add New-Pak DVD 4 Way Black 14mm 3.40per10 Pack 3.20per10 Pack also

This is the best explanation of K-probe readings i've seen. this phenomenon is due to several things which I will not go into here, but what is important is that this does not occur on well-written high quality media. Markenprodukte Rohlinge: €24 - Verbatim DVD+R 16x 100er spindel €25 - Verbatim DVD-R 16x 100er spindel Zwei Schichten (DL) Rohlinge: €12 - Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x 10er spindel €28 - Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x 25er To determine how well a media perform, a battery of tests must be performed.