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Dos Error Messages Definitions


Explanation: The format of a line in the PRINT.CFG file is wrong. I can't remember if the Acorn Archimedes, Oric, Sinclair ZX81 or TRS-80 did anything interesting in the way of errors - more fans of the weird and wonderful are obviously needed It is roughly analogous to a kernel panic on Linux, Unix or Mac OS X. The registry could not read in, write out, or flush one of the files that contain the system's image of the registry. 0x000003F9 ERROR_NOT_REGISTRY_FILE The system attempted to load or restore

We arrived early for the Bill Gates speech. Source: SMAP compilerSeverity: Minor Explanation: The indicated line in the input text file has more than three decimal numbers. Missing or null RPR command string in Configuration File Source: RPR, RPS, and RPDSeverity: Minor Explanation: An RPR command line is not defined in the PRINT.CFG file for the printer you Codes beginning with a "4" (4XX) indicate that a temporary condition prohibits execution of your command.

Dos Error Codes

Action: Check that the file exists and you are typing the name or specification correctly. Starting with MS-DOS/PCDOS 3.3, the ability to return "FAIL" from the critical error handler was added, which removed the biggest problem with the prompt (which earlier was known as "Abort, Retry, Source: SMAP compilerSeverity: Minor Explanation: The indicated line in the input text file does not have two numbers following the equal sign. If you feel your password has been compromised, contact your administrator immediately to have a new one assigned. 0x00000269 ERROR_PWD_HISTORY_CONFLICT You have attempted to change your password to one that you

Network is down Source: FTPSeverity: Minor Explanation: The local host cannot communicate with the network. Non-System disk or disk error - When booting up the computer this error will usually occur when there is a floppy disk in the computer that is not bootable if there Action: Retry the command. Linux Error Messages Nonexistent host name Source: LAN WorkPlace command-line utilities: LPR, LPQ, or LPRMSeverity: Minor Explanation: The hostname could not be found in the PRINT.CFG file on your workstation, and you did not

Not. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Action: If the remote host refused the connection, try again later. http://stanislavs.org/helppc/dos_error_codes.html Verify you are in the correct directory and that the file exists in that directory by using the dir command.

Codes beginning with a "5" (5XX) are error messages. Dos Beep Codes The message was sometimes used as an example of poor usability design in computer user interfaces. See our file name page for information about files, file name examples, and a list of invalid characters. Action: Contact the remote host administrator.

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The person quickly turned off the projector. http://www.qbasic.net/en/reference/general/error-codes.htm I didn't want to have anything to do with Unix for a long time after that experience. Dos Error Codes Action: Retry the operation. Unix Error Messages Must analyze Must Analise!!!" NoMad the space probe.

Invalid number of copies input Source: LAN WorkPlace command-line utility: LPRSeverity: Minor Explanation: You requested more than 255 copies, the maximum allowed. I always assumed the same, after all the service is called "Twitter" which I had always heard used to describe a short chirp from a bird. Also check the cable connection to the unit. I swear to you, the person was serious. Windows Error Messages

At one period this make had a built in rule for the love target. Action: Check available disk space. It can signal anything from a loose gas cap to a thrown rod and it REQUIRES you to either purchase a special decoder gizmo to hook up to your engine, or Commands from one DOS version often do not work in other versions.

The OS 7.?.? Ms Dos Error Codes Error reading job number file Source: LAN WorkPlace command-line utility: LPRSeverity: Minor Explanation: LPR could not read the file JOB.NUM. Action: None.

Power not on." 2.

Thanks for information's. Socket: All ports in use Source: REXEC and RSH Severity: Minor Explanation: RSH or REXEC cannot find a reserved port (that is, a port number less than 1024) to connect to Messages from the your DOS Workstation The following section lists and explains the error messages that originate from your workstation. Dos %errorlevel% Action: Correct the line and recompile.

Binary-chop compilation of the program … Dunx Says: September 24th, 2008 at 1:23 pm My favourite error messages: "ACD file is no set, bozo" - error message which really shouldn't have Jason Says: September 24th, 2008 at 11:17 am My favorite was in DEC UNIX/OSF1: $ make love Don't know how to make love. Out of memory This error occurs when the system has run out of memory or tries to load a file too large to store in RAM. Each of the following messages is unique but, in general, these messages are caused by minor syntax errors.

Output n copies due to buffer limits Source: LAN WorkPlace command-line utility: LPRSeverity: Minor Explanation: A limited buffer size allowed fewer copies to print than you requested. Action: Contact the system administrator of the remote host. Divide overflow Program has attempted to divide something by zero. How to change drives in MS-DOS and Windows command line.

There were other hyperlink systems before that, but people were afraid of linking to remote machines because it might get an error. This usually means that the connection to the remote host has been lost. I'm relieved to say I've never encountered that, as far as I can remember. Bad command or file name Caused by a misspelling or error when typing a command or when the command attempting to be used is not a valid command for your version

For more information about these messages, see "LAN WorkPlace System Messages". This was from "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus" by the Firesign Theatre. It was the cartoon mac with an ice pack, +'s for eyes, and a thermometer in it's mouth. Stop. (pasted from DJGPP in windows, but certainly applicable in GNU environments) Texas Instrument Says: September 24th, 2008 at 12:36 pm Once i tried to resume a ‘screen' terminal session it

Action: Retry the command. If other messages appear that interrupt your work, contact your Novell-authorized reseller. Each of the following messages is unique but, in general, these messages are caused by minor syntax errors. Source: SMAP compilerSeverity: Minor Explanation: The indicated line in the input text file has a comma before the equal sign or in an incorrect position.

This error should never be returned to an application, it is a place holder for the Windows LAN Manager Redirector to use in its internal error mapping routines. 0x0000023B ERROR_IO_PRIVILEGE_FAILED {Privilege Just a question mark. SMAP expects a single argument: the name of the text file to compile or the -H or -? Invalid drive specification - Drive does not exist on the computer or cannot be found.

Job ID: Substitute string for modifier undefined Source: RPR, RPS, and RPDSeverity: Minor Explanation: You did not specify a job identifier on the command line to be used by the %j An alternative, %hs, is available.