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Use CAST(? Atlassian JIRA the Professional Issue Tracker. (Enterprise Edition, Version: 3.13.5-#360) - Bug/feature request - Atlassian news - Contact Administrators Cookies helpen ons bij het leveren van onze diensten. The first error you've mentioned, "Unrecoverable error 5313: Out of space for VM swap file" is caused by not enough disk space wherever the workstation's temp files are stored. SFTP access works with the user so it's definitely at the CIFS share level.

These errors are, in general, reported with the message ‘Unrecoverable error ' Other errors occur when an internal assertion fails. However, sometimes it is not possible to trap a runtime recoverable error due to an invalid value returning from the error handler to the subsystem (see Ref. 1). ITEMs created with the ITEM API in Clipper 5.2 also go in the Clipper static's area. It is all environmentally related and does not branch to Clipper internal Error block whenever it occurs.

Tue, 18 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT L. as VARCHAR(N)) [ Permalink | « Hide ] Eugene Shavluk added a comment - 17/Jul/16 06:02 PM Query work on FB2.5 but not work on current FB3.0 [ Show » ] When I had set the owner to be me on the dataset, I was able to write, but when I set the owner to be root and the group to be I'm sorry, I meant it didn't work as in I got the same error.

Data type unknown. It is generally caused for several reasons, which includes -     The target disk or directory is full. The number one complaint of the users was that running off a diskette was just to slow, so I decided to get maximum speed with ramdrive: config.sys DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS The legal values are generally determined by the values handler.

All drives- c:,d:,e:,f: has lot of enough disk space like 4.00GB space per drives. If you have not done so, and you _are_ running the program from a diskette, then I suggest that you supply CLIPPER with an alternative path in which to write its Stack fault errors have several possible causes: -   Unintended or too deep recursion. http://www.ghservices.com/gregh/clipper/ie52f.htm Thank you for your time.

If these segments are there and locked, errors 668 and 669 can occur. BASE/1078 Argument error: .AND. If that doesn't work, check KB#103656 for more details on how to set up config.nt to get what you need. -PatP Reply With Quote 05-02-06,04:22 #7 prosiyam View Profile View Forum Internal error 5320 and 5321: These errors occur if there is a problem reading or writing to EMS.

Did you go to the storage tab and change owner and group to someone that can access it? Note: There is no benefit gained by reusing arrays. Afterwards I copy the dbf and ntx back to diskette. Added by Matt P.

wrote: Hello,I just upgraded to from and I now get an access denied error on my shares both on Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. The solution to this is to increase the number of available handles. The best bet is to check the application where the C function is being called. This is what I have for permissions on the root of the share:[[email protected] /mnt]# getfacl Media/ file: Media/ owner: root group: [email protected]:rwxpDdaARWcCos:fd----:[email protected]:rwxpDdaARWc--s:fd----:[email protected]:--x---a-R-c--s:------:allow Here is my smb4.conf:[CODE][global] server max protocol = SMB3

Last module processed = . -(Serious) 4080: Segment already assigned to group (Warning) 4081: Segment definition inconsistent with group ... 4085: FILE: Line Incomplete symbol type I'm trying to get 770 access, with the owner being root, and the group being Media. I was able to reproduce your issue and in fact determined what was wrong from it. To avoid the incident of this type of internal error, make sure that either sufficient disk space and directory entries are available or the file is not marked read only.

It is generally caused by either not enough file handles or invalid TEMPPATH setting for Clipper environment or a lack of file creation rights on a network for the directory where Typically, _vmTwo() is useful for string operations such as copy or comparison. There were quite literally thousands of add-ons for it that allowed programs to range from quite simple to monsterously complex.

If it is happened immediately following the RUN command, the application that was run should be eliminated to solve the problem.

This might apply to other RDDs as well. Unrecoverable  error  331  and  332:  string/array memory overflow Clipper 5′s Release Notes Norton Guide (see Ref. 3) contains some cryptic notes about the Segmented Virtual Object Store (SVOS). over 2 years ago John Hixson wrote: ok. Generally, it is not a good idea to run your application from a floppy because they are SLOW.

See Also: Error 5302, "The Runtime Environment" chapter of the Programming and Utilities Guide. 5333 Misuse of VM System This error occurs when there is a misuse of the virtual memory This usually happens because such errors can not branch to the error block so that the ErrorSysQ is unable to execute the error block. Also, when trying the "Apply default permissions" option on a test dataset, I noticed it changed my permissions to Windows on the dataset from Unix. Your second error, "Unrecoverable error 416: Read error on overlay file" is caused when the program references one of the overlays produced by the linker.

The kicker is I tried a test case with making a ramdrive.