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Dos Error 2


See file protection. < Back to List ∧Top A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W As I say in other reply, this part of the code is unchanged if compared with the original source. Sharing buffer overflow 37-49 Reserved 50. Other error-code listings in TECH Help!: APM API Error/Return Codes Device Driver Errors DoubleSpace API Error/Return Codes DPMI Error Codes EMM Error/Status Codes MRCI API Error/Return Codes POST Error Codes XMS

Or in the > environment? How to get it ? Invalid handle. 7. Clipper...

Dos Error 3

Invalid file name or file not found An invalid character in likely used in a DOS file name. Remote computer not listening 52. Invalid drive specification If this message occurs on a valid drive such as C:, the hard disk may have become corrupted. Just a wild guess.

Clipper... I'm using 5.2d. > No, AppFolder is an alias!!! If you are an end-user that is experiencing difficulty with an application you are installing or running, contact customer support for the software that is displaying the error message. Linux Error 2 Code looks something like this (I'm writing from a computer where I haven't the source, but I remember the details.

Fn 59H returns these informational codes in CH. Operating System Error 2 nls error 1003 9. Printer out of paper 29. http://cch4clipper.blogspot.com/2009/01/common-dis-errors.html Good-Luck !

The reindex function gives me NO problems, and if I see the date of the files I reindex, it's correct. Dos Error Codes If an ordinary floppy is in drive A at startup, it causes this error. Clipper strives to cover topics relating to CA-Clipper and it's 32/64 bits successors such as Harbour Project, xHarbour, Xbase++ and 32-bits CA-Visual Objects. Press R to retry or A to stop (abort).

Operating System Error 2

Unexpected network error 60. http://www.cenobyte.nl/slotracemanager/faq/files/1d68e90524111f9ca04470944fa342c7-9.html Sometimes the code is returned by a function deep in the stack and far removed from your code that is handling the error. Dos Error 3 Error BASE/1003 variable does not exist 12. Unix Error 2 By the way, I have to say that every file name has an extension .001, .002, and so on, not .NTX, but it worked well until now.

Sharing violation 33. Fn 59H returns these codes in BL. Now I try to recompile the changes I made, and get the error DBFNTX/1003 Dos Error 2. Clipper, which I am republishing for historical and sentimental reasons. Windows Error 2

Drive not ready 22. Either unprotect it or use another disk. Clipper to Harbour - A Visual Tour by Pritpal Bedi Hello Again This time with an overview of visual tour depicting transition from Clipper to Harbour | from console to GUI. Error DBFNTX/1003 5.

what is a DOS error code 170 DBFNTX/1001 open error = 8. Dos Error 4 Print queue full. 62. Chromecast Ultra: What's the Difference?

It can occur if a memory parity error is detected or if a peripheral board goes awry.

Rails Rails 4.2 Released 10 months ago Delphi... They are returned by the GetLastError function when many functions fail. Temporarily paused 71. Dos Error 5 TBrowse:freeze causing Error Base/1003 Powered by phpBB Forum Software Clipper...

Network request not supported 51. Press A to cancel, or turn the printer on and press R. The only changes that I have made was to fix all the broken links. How to Convert a Clipper 5.2e application to Harbour This article is written in in response to a comment left on Clipper...

Not enough space for print file 63. Too may redirection 85. The Biggest Software Flops of All Time The Eerie World of Abandoned Arcade Games TV Shows to Watch if You Love 'Stranger Things' »See More About Connect Ziff Davis Sites Subscribe Fail on INT 24H 84.

Al -- Al Acker, President, Editor Acker Consulting Inc. Build a Harbour application About Vintage Bookshelf HMG 3.4.3 Released FSeek() October 2016 M T W T F S S « Sep 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 31 Please note that... Linking Techniques for Memory Management (Part 1) ...

try that. Powered by Blogger. Simple, access Phil Barnett's site via my Cool Clipper Sites.32-bits Clipper for Windows ?Have you tried Xbase ++ ? Linking Techniques for Memory Management (Part 2) ...

Just a wild guess. Marcelo Fri, 27 Aug 2004 01:14:03 GMT Pim Schaeffe#6 / 9 DBFNTX/1003 Dos Error 2 Quote: > > Hello Marcelo, > > Did you obtain the source code by decompiling? Not same device 18.