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Dns Server Reports Query Name Error


Sensor Result Define what PRTG will do with the sensor results. Stack Unit This setting is only available if stacked graphs are selected above. If you use nslookup to look up a type of record for a domain name, and the domain name exists but records of the type you're looking for don't, you'll get Set sensor to "warning" for 1 interval, then set to "down" (recommended) : After the first failed request, the sensor will show a yellow warning status. this contact form

The pen on my fujitsut730 stopped working? This can help to avoid false alarms, for example, after a server restart, by giving systems more time for all services to start up. flags: qr aa rd Since 'aa' is set in the answer, then both the nameservers of example.com provide authoritative answer. The stock Windows 2000 nslookup, however, doesn't pay any attention to these other naming services. https://www.paessler.com/manuals/prtg/dns_sensor

Query Dns Server For Domain Name

See the Device Settings for details. The whole meaning of domain names exists today just because of DNS. Loss of Network Connectivity Though the Internet is more reliable today than it was back in the wild and woolly days of the ARPANET, network outages are still relatively common.

They will be active at the same time as the parent objects' settings. Port Enter the number of the port to which the sensor tries to connect. Allow Port 53 for both UDP and TCP connections If you use firewall make sure you do not block port 53 for DNS tcp and udp requests. Query Dns Server From Command Line Additionally, pause the current sensor if a specific other object in the device tree is in a Down status, or if it is paused by another dependency.

Furthermore, no one will be able to telnet to, ftp to, or even ping your hosts by name. Service Not Available Dns Query Name Error To check which DNS servers are authoritative, select the Forward Lookup Zone, domain name, properties and then Start of Authority (Tab), finally Primary Server Recursive is the simpler query of the This way your browser will directly establish a connection with the server where the site is hosted. http://www.logsat.com/spamfilter/forums/static_6020.asp IN NS 75.xx.xx.xx -----------> WRONG REVERSE DNS FOR MAIL DELIVERY For proper mail delivery, the following anti-spam methos are very important to make sure the email is delivered to users

Schedule Select a schedule from the list. How To Query A Dns Server For An Ip Address Common DNS Errors in Zone file Writing 1. On a Microsoft DNS Server, you'll see a message like this in the Event Viewer: Zone movie.edu expired before it could obtain a successful zone transfer or update from a master This can come in handy if you suspect that your name server has cached bad or out-of-date data from another server.

Service Not Available Dns Query Name Error

You can add additional tags to it, if you like. In the preceding example, there is a name server running on, but it said there are no PTR records for the address Query Dns Server For Domain Name See our privacy policy. Query Dns Server For All Records Full: Users in this group can see the object, review its monitoring results, edit the object's settings, and edit access rights settings.

You probably can't determine conclusively that the primary hasn't been restarted, though. weblink If the server fails your nameservers will fail and your site wont load. He can be reached at his blog site corpocrat.com or in his twitter page. For example, you can enter an IP address here if your Domain field contains a host name. Query Dns Server Powershell

These failures usually look like poor performance: C:\> nslookup nisc.sri.com. Monitor Your Network on the Go! Select object : Pause the current sensor if the device, where it is created on, is in Down status, or is paused by another dependency. navigate here It's certainly a less than comprehensive list, but we hope it'll help you solve the more common problems you encounter with DNS and give you ideas about how to approach the

Each time you make changes to a zone's data using the DNS console, a write is pending: before the DNS server exits, it must rewrite the zone's data file or it Query A Dns Server Directly Click to orderTop of page Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) Print Export (0) Share IN THIS ARTICLE Is this page helpful? Top of page Checking the Cache As we've said earlier, you can check the contents of your name server's cache with the DNS console.

Chart Type Define how different channels will be shown for this sensor.

The object neither shows up in lists nor in the device tree. The corresponding settings from the parent objects will always be active. For more information on how to find the folder used for storage, please see the Data Storage section. Prtg Dhcp Sensor As for what caused this error, you'll just have to read Chapter 14, "Troubleshooting DNS and BIND".

No IPs allowed. 4. No CNAME pointing to NS records 2. The slaves think the zone data hasn't changed since the serial number is still the same. http://thewebparrots.com/dns-server/dns-server-error-32.php Utilities like tracert can help you determine whether the problem is on your network, on the destination network, or somewhere in the middle.

Any advise is mostwelcome. For detailed information, please see the Sensor Channels Settings section. You have to change domain.com, serial and email parameters. PRTG overrides these files with each scanning interval.

Select object: Pause the current sensor if the device, where it is created on, is in an Down status, or if the sensor is paused by another dependency. Note: This option cannot be used in combination with manual Vertical Axis Scaling (available in the Sensor Channels Settings settings). This setting determines where the sensor is placed in sensor lists. Top priority is at the top of a list.

Enter each entry in one line. Basic Sensor Settings Sensor Name Enter a meaningful name to identify the sensor. Schedules, Dependencies, and Maintenance Window Note: Inheritance for schedules, dependencies, and maintenance windows cannot be interrupted. IN NS ns2.domain.com.ns1 IN A -----> GLUEns2 IN A -----> GLUE Refer to RFC1912. 4.