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I think the key here is why it misses the first one, but also why it would continue down the search path when it already has a FQDN. Internet TXT ? I agree that nslookup is no longer one of the better tools, however as I am following the book through I feel I should get a basic nslookup query working before My apologies, I think we can close this one up.

OpenDNS Blog O' Matty Home Blog Home Articles Code Presentations Stopping nfsmapid from querying DNS TXT records With the introduction of NFSv4, user and group identifiers were changed to use the Internet PTR ? -> sfos ICMP Echo request (ID: 1 Sequence number: 15717) sfos -> ICMP Echo reply (ID: 1 Sequence number: 15717) If you want to monitor the specific But gotta try this out. Internet PTR ? -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) sfos -> TCP D=57270 S=22 Push Ack=1013770790 Seq=3278389444 Len=132 Win=49640 sfos -> TCP D=57270 S=22 Push Ack=1013770790 Seq=3278389576 Len=148 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=177062

Playstation 3 Dns Error

Mozilla is trying the FQDN with "." at the end, but doesn't seem to wait for the reply before sending another request: nudnik.chinik.com -> ns1 DNS C www.mozilla.org. Internet PTR ? Anyways just a question regarding "chattr() equivalent command for Solaris". the sky falls in.

Thishost -> Server1.network.com TCP D=60266 S=22 Push Ack=2429425812 Seq=1051570091 Len=304 Win=49232 Options=Server2.network.com -> Thishost DNS R Error: 3(Name Error)Server1.network.com -> Thishost TCP D=22 IN NS ns2.e-netcomm.co.uk. ; Addresses of hosts IN PTR lisa.e-net-lan.co.uk. IN PTR burns.e-net-lan.co.uk. IN PTR flanders.e-net-lan.co.uk. IN PTR homer.e-net.lan.co.uk. If you want to stop these DNS queries from happening, you can add the domain to the NFSMAPID_DOMAIN variable in /etc/default/nfs. Playstation 3 Dns Error 80710102 Could you be more specific,please?

sharectl should be used. Playstation 3 Dns Error Fix Cheers, Chris . sfos -> DNS C http://www.techrepublic.com/forums/discussions/error-messages-1/ ns1 -> ion DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion -> ns1 DNS C www.packetfactory.net.

ns2 -> ion.probes.com DNS R aci.net. Playstation 3 Dns Error 80710 sfos -> DNS C Especially on X86 machine? OpenDNS and China What are the OpenDNS Block Page IP Addresses?

Playstation 3 Dns Error Fix

Daniel Eustace is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the IMS Solutions Organization of Alcatel-Lucent. http://prefetch.net/blog/index.php/2007/10/18/stopping-nfsmapid-from-querying-dns-txt-records/ Thishost -> Server1.network.com drops: 0 TCP D=60266 S=22 Push Ack=2429427396 Seq=1051577691 Len=368 Win=49232 Options=Server2.network.com -> Thishost drops: 0 DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) Thishost -> Playstation 3 Dns Error Internet PTR ? -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) sfos -> DNS C Playstation 3 Dns Error Wireless OSDir.com network.dns.bind9.user Subject: what is this error please?

Each return code has its own purpose in the DNS infrastructure. Cloudscraper May 31, 2016 Deploying Openstack on Redhat - Packstack Method (Mitaka) May 30, 2016 Managing Zone Cluster - Oracle Solaris April 13, 2016 Powered by WordPress UnixArena by Lingeswaran R Ubuntu Windows 7 Comments 0 comments Article is closed for comments. Comment 6 Jeff Mandel 2002-11-05 21:59:36 PST I think I've confirmed that this is happening almost exclusively over my DSL VPN connection. Playstation 3 Dns Error 807101ff

Solaris, VxVM, VCS, HP-UX and more..... Please remember to be considerate of other members. Internet PTR ? ns1 -> ion DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion -> ns1 DNS C www.sean.de.probes.nl.

Thishost -> Server1.network.com length: 450 TCP D=60266 S=22 Push Ack=2429430324 Seq=1051599899 Len=384 Win=49232 Options=Server2.network.com -> Thishost length: 146 DNS R Error: 3(Name Error)Server1.network.com -> Thishost Xbox 360 Dns Error UNIX !!! Internet Addr The third time is usually the charm.

ns2 -> ion.probes.com DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion.probes.com -> ns2 DNS C aci.net.probes.nl.

All rights reserved. Internet PTR ? 1.01107 -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) Note:You can use the all options in one command.For an example,you want to save the highest level ofprotocolnetwork activity Internet PTR ? Dns Problems Server fail deserves more attention if they are issued by your server, otherwise you can do little about it other then inform the upstream nameserver maintainer.

The reason why I need this is becuase the servers (more than one) next to this don't have this problem. Yes, though it uses X and needs root, and is perhaps a bit of a sledgehammer. April 11, 2016 2 comments Venkatasiva Reddy Chitiki May 11, 2013 at 8:05 am Thanks for good info… Reply karthik February 8, 2015 at 1:45 pm Thank you much.. Comment 7 gordon 2002-11-07 16:42:30 PST Okay, great.

Comment 5 Jeff Mandel 2002-10-30 08:20:39 PST These were the ones I could get at the time I posted the snoop querries. If its running in background,you can use "pgrep snoop " and kill the process .Hope you have learned some new things about snoop command.Thank you reading this article.Please leave acommentif you OTOH, dig only makes DNS queries, so this won't be much good if the name resolution problem lives elsewhere, like somebody's nsswitch.conf configuration. What could be the causes of these errors?

As you can see I have named running on my own machine # ps -ef |grep named root 3877 1 0 13:28:03 ? 0:00 /usr/local/sbin/named I set the server to my